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3 Days "Las Vegas" Experience

Day 1: Kampala Casino

We shall pick you from your hotel and chauffer you into the heart of the city for an amazing experience at Kampala Casino where you will enjoy modern slots and VLTs from Novomatic with each machine offering multiple game mixes from Novomatic’s rich collection of game palette. In addition, the VLTs are linked to a three-level jackpot system awarding random jackpots. The Casino also features a selection of live table games for blackjack, roulette and poker variations and very delicious African Dish Buffet. Bonuses are given and determined by the casino and as such are subject to change without notice by the casino. Return to the Hotel for a spa evening.

Day 2: Simba Casino

You will wakeup early for a morning breakfast then head out for a Kampala city tour see how amazing this calm city can be and the difference between it and other cities. Have lunch in a local restaurant, then head for the Jackport in Simba Casino, enjoy all there is to enjoy, complimentary tequilas, beers whiskys and food while you walk out of the doors with amazing sums of money at your disposal. Return to the Hotel and enjoy an amazing happy evening catching up on the world.

Day 3: Mayfair Casino

Wake up at leisure, go out for shopping then return to the hotel for an amazing lunch and cool off in the swimming pool, then later check in to Mayfair Casino and play all you want then check into a reserved  VIP setting in a bar or club then later return to your hotel

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