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Tides 5 Days “Zest” Restaurant Hopping Tour

Day 1: Naguru Skyz Hotel.

Ugandan cuisines are usually prepared in either Traditional or Modern Styles. Uganda has many tribes that cook their own speciality dishes. Dive into a one of a kind food experience with many magnificent and ethnic places to visit. This Tour is for a FOODIE (people who “Love to eat”) .The Foodie Tour varies from Local delicacies to guilty pleasure Continental food. You get to meet the brilliant Chefs behind the Culinary Haven experience.

Kick off the Culinary Spree with a transfer to Skyz Hotel in Naguru and start the culinary tour. Jump into the spree with the “Chapter Two Restaurant” for special Dinner bespoke by renowned Chef, Bernard Steyn.

Day 2: Food Culture Diversity

Rise and Shine to a mouth-watering and scrumptious Pastries Sanctuary at the Skyz Café. Start the Hasty but Tasty Food Binging with the La Cabana restaurant at Speke Apartments known for their vast ‘meats’ preferences made Brazilian Churrasco style. Not forgetting about the Vegetarians, they also provide an all you can eat Vegetarian Churrasco experience that offers a great range of grilled Vegetables, Salads, Bread and Chesses.

On to the next food venture would be to the famous Lebanese restaurant in Kampala called Meza restaurant. Chomp the Modern kind of Street Food; the best Shawarma in Kampala, Paninis and Falafels and many more seated by the sidewalk.

Take a little walk to “Mexico Food Haven” at Que Pasa. Finally the food excursion for the day ends with a trip back to the Skyz Hotel to have an exceptional delicious Meal prepared by the Chef.

One can have a drink at the Ninety9 by the Embers. It is a beautiful gem perched at topmost of Naguru Skyz Hotel.

Day 3: Kampala Food Quest

Today’s quest, begins with a must visit to the Ugandan-Famous and Unique delicacy called ROLEX. The food name “Rolex” is from a word play of “Rolled Eggs” in a Chapatti. Experience the Ethnic kind of Street Food at its finest with a variety of toppings of your choice, standing on Sidewalk Street.

The next venture is to experience an authentic and traditional way of having a Ugandan Local food Buffet at Liquid silk. The local food is particularly handmade at the crack of dawn in a Ugandan style.

Indulge into an EPIC Meat Buffet in the Heart of Naguru at the Capitol Palace Gardens Carnival Restaurant. It is a must-go experience for MEAT LOVERS that offers a variety of meat brought at a Ten minute Interval. Listen to Cultural Entertainment as you savour the Meat experience.

Day 4: Cake and Meat Escape

You are going to be chauffeured through the beautiful City of Kampala. Plunge into the beauty, sights and sounds of the Pearl City. We will have a Private Cake Tasting Session as your taste buds savour the exclusive and tasty pastry creations by one of the Best and Unique Pastry Chefs in Uganda. Let the Chef take you through a Pastry life Tale and enjoy the rest of the tour. “A Recipe has no Soul. You as the Cook, must bring the soul to the Recipe”- Thomas Keller

Head back to the Naguru skyz Hotel for an afternoon relaxation. Literally dive into a tranquil and pleasant Skyz Pool and await Barbeque style meals for the rest of the evening. “A little barbeque now and then, is relished by the wisest men”. “Fish, to taste right, must swim three times- In Water, In Butter and In Wine”- Polish Proverb.

Day 5: Departure

On your departure to the Airport, a detour is taken for a quick Brunch “Last Foodie Experience” at the Tides restaurant, Protea Hotel. This Hotel is Three minutes away from the International Airport. The Tides restaurant offers unique and one of a kind food specials as you watch the beautiful Lake Victoria.

Take a short ride to the Airport.

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