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5 Day Tee Time

Day 1: Arrive to Uganda, Entebbe Airport.

Arrival and Pickup from Entebbe to Serena Hotel, Kigo.

Have and enjoy a private dinner at the Marina restaurant with a sweeping view of Lake Victoria.

Day 2: Lugazi Golf Course

Have Breakfast at the hotel

Fly to Jinja Airfield. Ride in style in a luxury motor vehicle to the Lugazi golf course to PLAY. Drive back to Jinja Airfield and fly back to Entebbe Airport.

“One cannot think well, love well and sleep well, if one has not dined well” - Virginia Woolf. So enjoy a quiet relaxing dinner at the Citadel restaurant either on the extensive Lake View Pool Terrace, in the Courtyard Lounge or on the Piano Bar Terrace.

Day 3: Garuga Golf Course

Have a tasty breakfast and take a 45 minutes flight out to the Kihihi Airstrip and go to the Garuga Golf Course in Kanungu. Proceed to the 18-hole modern golf course as your caddie awaits to take you for a round of golf.

Have a cultural entertaining dinner with Bakiga dancers.

Day 4: Lake Victoria Serena Golf Course

Have an early Breakfast.

Take an early flight back to Entebbe. Proceed to the picture perfect golf resort with a 9-hole golf course for Tee time.

Before having dinner, enjoy a Golfer’s spa treatment by immersing yourself in a journey that heals the body. After a soothing bodywork, relish in an over-the-top dinner at the Marina restaurant with a magnificent view of the lake and golf course.

Day 5: Departure to the Entebbe Airport

Have an amazing breakfast; Early flight: taken to the airport immediately.

Late flight: Option 1- can be taken to the Entebbe Sports Club to continue any unfinished game.

Option 2- Take a trip to the unspoiled Paradise Island.

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